Corporate/Retail Deliveries

Throughout all of our Corporate and Retail deliveries, our primary aim is to provide a service that exceeds the customers expectations. Once a customers' car has been collected, our driver will phone them to introduce himself, let the customer know where he has got to go before arriving with them as well as advising them of a rough ETA . Our driver will then make further phone calls throughout the day should they incur any form of delay or if they have made time and will be with the customer earlier than anticipated. A final call is then made an hour prior to arriving to the customer to advise them of a more precise ETA.

Should a customer want to track their vehicles journey, they can do so via our Tracking System. This system is installed in all of our vehicles to allow us to share each of their routes with all customers. This is simply done by a link sent through to the customer via email.

When arriving with the customer, the driver would have already filled out our Proof of Collection Document on our app which includes all the round checks, a signature of who signed the car out and also photos of the car from all angles. Once the driver has given the customer a full handover and or test driver, the customer will then be asked to sign for the car and a photo will be taken of them in front of the car detailing they are happy to have received it. All of this electronic paperwork can then be directly sent to the Dealership/Lease company. We are also well equipped with the use of MoDel and can ensure this is completed as and when required.

All of our drivers are continuously keeping up to date with all new models, as well as hybrid and electric advancements that are becoming ever-popular, this in turn allows them to educate and answer any questions a customer may have about their new car.

To enquire about the transportation of a vehicle, please either  or complete our