Dealer Transfers

When carrying out Dealer Transfers each collection point is contacted at least 24/48 hours prior to us arriving. It is at this point we ensure all PDI has been cleared ready for the car to be released to us, the car is charged and determine the specific whereabouts of the car (whether it be a compound or at the dealership). Once this has been established a rough ETA is given to make them aware of when we are anticipating to collect.

Once there, we shall carry out our Proof of Collection document. Should there unfortunately be some damage i.e. scratches, dents etc we will make the receiving Dealer/Individual aware straight away. Photos of this damage will be taken in details and placed onto the POC which can then be sent directly to the recipient of the car.

When arriving at the receiving Dealer/Individual, we will fill out our Proof of Delivery in which the individual will sign for the car and if there is any damage, our driver will raise this to their attention again.

To enquire about the transportation of a vehicle, please either  or complete our