Terms & Conditions

Chris Huxtable Vehicle Collection & Delivery is a professional logistics company based in the South East. Our procedure aims to provide a service that exceeds customer expectations. Throughout the booking of transportation movements, we ensure all the correct information is provided via email which then generates a file given to the driver for each job he carries out. Throughout all of our movements, there is constant contact maintained by ourselves and our customers. Vehicles are teed up 24/48 hours prior to collection and all outstanding costs are requested to allow the vehicle to be released to us. We maintain the knowledge that everything that can possibly be done to ensure all movements are ready and carried out to the highest standard. However, in some cases, we encounter issues, and it is for this reason we have comprised the below Terms and Conditions. 

Chris Huxtable Vehicle Collection & Delivery shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any vehicle prior to loading and after discharge from transportation. Though each driver is thorough in checking over each car, we will not be liable for any damage found if the vehicle is dirty, wet, or icy on collection as sufficient checks cannot be carried out. Upon delivery, it is the customers responsibility to check over the car thoroughly and raise any concerns or queries to the driver at this stage, once we have departed from delivery, we will not be liable for any damage found.  

Whilst every effort is made to keep to promised delivery schedules, Chris Huxtable Vehicle Collection & Delivery will not be held responsible for late or failed collections or deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as road works, traffic accidents, breakdowns, or adverse weather conditions etc. Any damage noticed will be marked down on our Proof of Collection form when we receive the car. Should a vehicle be damaged in our care, we will get it rectified. However, in this circumstance, we will not provide hire cars, replacement vehicles or compensation whilst the vehicle is being repaired.

If Chris Huxtable Vehicle Collection & Delivery has been instructed to collect a vehicle on a particular day/time and the car is not ready, has outstanding funds or has damages/issues, or any other reason out of our control, we reserve the right to charge a full cancellation fee for the space reserved for that vehicle. Our drivers will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes, if the driver is required to wait any longer, then a waiting charge shall be applied. The charge is currently £50.00 per hour exclusive of VAT.

Our drivers reserve the right to refuse the loading of a vehicle if it is considered by him unsafe to do so. During our period of responsibility, all vehicles are covered by our 'Goods in Transit' insurance, a copy of which is available on request.

Any cancellations made within 48 business hours of the movement will be charged a full cancellation fee as the space for that vehicle cannot be filled at such a short notice.

All invoices are to be paid with a sent remittance within 30 days of the movement being carried out.